Friday, 7 December 2012

Bitcoins for ukash

At the MtGox weighted average in your local currency plus a 10% fee for orders under £50, €60, $80(USD).  A 5% fee for orders over £50 but under £100, so 5% €60 - €120, $80(USD) - $160(USD) a 5% fee.  Then a 3% for all orders over £100, €120 or $160(USD).

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Hello and Welcome

Just add a comment below for more info and please leave feedback after your purchase.  Please read box on right.  Buy bitcoins at MtGox GBP 24hr weighted average plus a small percentage sent to any bitcoin address of you choice.  Just do an online payment into my bank (ask for details) or pay in cash to my bank account (anonymous) or send me a postal order £5 fee (ask for address).  If you are unsure about trusting me then I can tell you I am the CEO of Red Star Mining ( a GLBSE listed company.